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          +86-532-55578185   info@qdqt.cc   AM 8:00 - PM 18:00

        About us

        Qingdao Qingteng International trading Co., Ltd is a professional group enterprise engaged in both importing and exporting. It is approved byQingdaoForeign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau as a comprehensive foreign trade company, and approved byQingdaoIndustry and Commerce Administration Bureau. The enterprise is a Joint-stock legal entity that makes its own decisions regarding operations, be independent in finance, and assumes sole responsibility for the profits or losses.There are three subsidiaries in Qingdao Qing Teng International Trade Co., Ltd. : Hebei Hengshui Telecommunication Equipment Factory.ShandongHongyang insulation material factory.MoroccoQingdaoQing Teng branch.

        Qingdao Qingteng International trading Co., Ltd is located in the picturesque seaside city—Qingdao. With the advantages of highly concentrated manufacturing industry, abundant information resources and the advantageous position of active trade business, the company continues to improve and accelerate itself. We have advanced manufacturing technology, first-class manufacturing facilities, excellent management personnel and also rich experiences in imports and exports.

        The corporation has been adhering to the principle” Honor the contract and keep the promise, equality and mutual benefit, common development”, and strictly abides by the regarding laws, regulations of state ,in order to make common progress with customers both in and abroad.
        The business scope of the enterprise includes:

        1. Exports and imports on our own or serves as agent for various commodities and technologies (except for those prohibited by the state.)
        Main Project

        Export: communication tower, power tower, steel products, new building materials ceramic fiber board, oil drilling equipment, machinery, chemicals, ceramics and so on.
        Imports: non-ferrous metals and chemical products, machinery, energy, etc.
        2.The main exporting countries: the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Australia, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Morocco, Maori Thalia, Kenya, etc...
        We sincerely hope to intensify co-operation with friends from all circles for the business development,and also sincerely hope to join hands with you to meet the splendid 21st century.


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Wilson Wang

        Phone: +86 18669789055

        Tel: +86-532-55578185

        Email: info@qdqt.cc

        Add: Room 3006, Tianbao International Block B, No.61 Haier Road, Qingdao, China

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